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Congratulations Natalie

Congratulations to Natalie who received the Spirit Trophy for this term. She showed great spirit and perseverance in the grading and was already learning her next kata by the weekend.

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Congratulations Ethan

Congratulations to Ethan who is term three’s winner of the Spirit Trophy. Ethan has shown great enthusiam for karate. He has been away travelling but wasted no time in rejoining the karate club once he got back. He is a role model for all of us who enjoy karate.

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2023 June grading

June 2023 grading

Congratulations to everyone who completed the mid year grading today. As Sensei Lachy mentioned, the kumite section was particularly impressive.

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Hawea Karate

We are back training!

We are back training! Hawea Flat Hall is officially open !!! 🙋‍♀️👍🙂This means we can start karate next Tuesday 16th June. 🙌 We will bring

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Lockdown challenge

Lockdown challenge Looking for something to do during lockdown? Here is a link to Kata. The iBudokan (Kyokushin Kata and Techniques) App is also really

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December 2019 grading

2019 December grading

2019 December grading Grading at the Scout Den in Wanaka! A great turnout of karateka. Congratulations to everyone who completed, and who passed. 

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